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Claire Humpage

I am a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor with a Diploma in Health and Fitness and level 2 in Emergency First aid and I am also qualified in Circuit and Kettlebell training.
Fitness is an absolute passion of mine but it hasn’t always been. I, like so many other people out there have struggled with my weight over the years. Before I was even a teenager I weighed in at my heaviest, almost 6 stone more than what I weigh now so my understanding comes from a place of experience.

I had been unwell for a number of years and turned to food for comfort and because I was too unwell to exercise I gained a substantial amount of weight very quickly. This led to a number of problems which plagued me throughout my teens and into my early 20’s. Sadly like a lot of people, I turned to extreme forms of dieting and followed exercise regimes based solely around cardio in an attempt to lose weight. Although they occasionally worked, they only worked for a short time. I would lose weight and then regain it plus a few extra pounds. I became more and more disheartened as time went on and almost gave up.

I finally had a breakthrough when I developed a stomach ulcer in my mid 20’s that was most likely a product of all the unhealthy diets and diet pills I had tried over the years. During my long recovery I had no choice but to eat the kind of foods I normally avoided and found that my body actually reacted positively to these foods and lost a small amount of weight rather than gain it. It became very important to me to become healthy rather than skinny so that I never had to feel ill through my own doing again. Rather than diet, I started to eat plenty of the right foods and found a personal trainer. I was taught how to use weights alongside cardio and noticed a massive difference in the tone in my skin, which over the years had lost a lot of elasticity due to the constant changes in weight.

I had finally started on a journey that I knew one day would lead me to feeling confident in my own body.
I still made many mistakes during the first few years as I had taken the first PT I had found who didn’t fully understand my needs as she hadn’t experienced what it felt like to be overweight. I decided to go the journey alone and managed to maintain my weight but I never managed to get myself to the next stage. This is where my trainer Jamie Alderton comes into it. He was patient with me and although he hadn’t gone through my struggles he listened when I was upset or frustrated and he empathised with me. He taught me that my attitude towards change was the most important part of my journey, but also that your trainer must believe in you too. So I feel that because I have had the right training and support, I can offer any client that comes through my door the same understanding and support I was given. I know how the struggle feels, I understand what it feels like when you think you’ve tried everything, yet still failed. I teach people how to succeed, how to change their lifestyles so that healthy eating and exercise becomes something to fit other things around and not something you have to fit into your life.

I offer training in the comfort of your own home, at work during your lunch hour, outside or at my house. I bring all my own equipment and you don’t need a lot of space, just the enthusiasm to become a new and improved version of yourself.

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Qualified instructor in Circuits, Kettlebells training in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Professional Circuit, Kettlebell Training based in Middleton WestSussex. Claire Humpage your Personal Trainer.

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About Claire Humpage - As a personal trainer, my goal is to help each individual reach their full potential at their own pace with support, empathy, motivation and guidance. Description. I can help you whether it be towards a specific short term or long term goal This includes: Weight loss and weight gain Hypertrophy Strength and Power training Cardiovascular training and endurance Nutrition planning and guidance and help with strengthening core, stability and flexibility.

Claire Humpage

Kettlebell Training Bognor Regis

Circuit Training for Beginners Circuit training is a combination of weight resistance training and high intensity aerobics. The rapid move from one exercise in the circuit to the next keeps your heart rate high. Kettlebell Training Bognor Regis

Kettlebell Training Bognor Regis

Transition Training West Sussex

This is a very good form of exercise because its fast paced which works up a sweat and it also combines two different workouts into one, a perfect induction for beginners to get a feel for their own body.

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The circuit in circuit training is going from one exercise to another in a circuit, and repeating. Your heart remains at a high rate even while performing the weight exercises which is better for your heart.

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A good circuit to follow would be to choose 7-10 exercises consisting of weightlifting and cardio and setting yourself a goal with each stage of the circuit. E.g. an example exercise would be lunges and the goal would be 25 lunges for each leg in the circuit. This is tough but the aim is to move from one exercise to the other relatively quickly to keep your heart rate up. Example circuit.

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