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Transition Training and Nutrition Testimonial

Claire's personal training is everything I need to get me to where I want to be, I had given up all hope but with her guidance and help she has given me the positive attitude and encouragement I need to loose the weight I have wanted to for so long but too embarrassed to go to the gym. Not only does she motivate you in the paid sessions but is there for you every day making sure how your getting on and to answer any questions you need answering! I would defiantly recommend to anyone! She is very professional and well worth the money.

~Laura Breen

Transition Training and Nutrition Testimonial

Claire is an inspiration to me she can really relate to my body "hang ups" and insecurities! Claire has worked hard to get to where she is today and has proven to me that I can also get to where I want to be. Claire has re-educated me on my diet and is never too busy to help me when I am in need of some nutrition advice, as a trainer Claire pushes me to my limit with enthusiasm and encouragement, reassuring me every step of the way. Claire has made me stronger, slimmer and most importantly confident. I cannot wait until the summer to prance around in my bikini.

~Laura George